Perchè una vacanza a Capo d’Orlando

Faro di Capo d'Orlando

Faro di Capo d’Orlando

The beauty of Capo d’Orlando, unknown to most of the people, can be summarized in a few lines, which stand out beauty and uniqueness of this beautiful village.

It is a simple awakening and an equally simple breakfast but at the same time unique, narrated on first person by the guest of one of our holidays house in Capo d’Orlando: CASA DELLA LAMPARA:

Casa della Lampara, casa vacanze a Capo d'Orlando

Casa della Lampara, casa vacanze a Capo d’Orlando

“Its morning, about 8:30, I go out from the house and jump at the bar at the corner to get a good iced coffee and cream “Granita caffè e panna” with a freshly baked croissant; i do not eat it at the bar, I want to enjoy it in what is my terrace for this two weeks of September, in front of me the Tyrrhenian sea calm and oily, the blue sky and the Aeolian Islands, which can be glimpsed barely but i learned to distinguish.

granita caffè e panna

granita caffè e panna

Not a leaf moves, there is tranquility and peace, people do jogging along the promenade between palm trees and the beach




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