Vacanze a Capo d'Orlando

Villa Piccolo

 The Family Foundation Villa Piccolo of Calanovella was founded in 1970 on the initiative of Casimir Small to protect, after the death of his brother Lucio, cultural heritage, books, natural and artistic Villa and Family. Statutory purpose of the Foundation is to increase cultural activities, with particular reference to literature and art, as well as to agricultural studies.
Recognized as a non-profit organization with the Decree of the President of the Republic of 27 March 1972, manages Small Villa, located on the hills of Capo d’Orlando, the adjoining park and the house-museum where they lived three brothers, sons of Baron Joseph Small Calanovella and Teresa Mastrogiovanni Tasca Filangeri Cutò: the poet Lucio Piccolo, the painter and photographer Casimiro Small and Agata Giovanna, an expert in botanical studies.
The Small Family Foundation promotes throughout the course of the year a full program of cultural events of high profile. Since its inception, it has hosted some of the most famous names of the Italian and international cultural scene.
Chaired by Giuseppe Benedetto, the Foundation is governed by a board of directors, which includes within intellectuals and scholars, assisted by a prestigious scientific committee. President historian was the journalist Bent Parodi of Belsito, who led the organization for twenty-five years.

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