The Nebrodi’s Mountains are among the few areas that still maintain the pristine look of a secular Sicily.nebrodi

Beautiful plateaus overflowing with green forests, scenic drives, craggy peaks, and mountain pastures ideal for hiking. The fawns that have given their name Nebrodi-nebros in greek are long gone.
Nebrodi Park, is still an area where there are marked trails, visitor centers and hiking areas more challenging. They are still essentially intact the agricultural and rural traditions that have disappeared in other parts of Sicily. On the high pastures, for example, are still shepherds milking by hand and make cottage cheese in small outdoor courts.

nebrodi-il-lago-del-biviere-di-cesaro-sullo-sfondo-l-etna-8The Nebrodi’s Park is also an area with few roads and villages, making it ideal for those wishing to explore the wild and beautiful landscapes that are willing to travel long distances to do so.
Only three roads through the mountains from north to south: the S 116, which is at its best from Ucria to Randazzo; the magnificent S 289, which is particularly interesting in the central part; and S 117, another high street which is a treat stage for most of its stroke mountain between Mistretta and Nicosia.

These forests, along lakes and reservoirs in the area, home to about 150 species of birds, on the other hand the high cliffs provide nesting sites for rare raptors such as golden eagles, griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures.
The mountains offer wonderful opportunities for wonderful walks, along which you can find many small companies offering services bridleways.



The Alcantara river, so called by the Arabs as it used to be crossed by a stone bridge in Calatabiano (al-Qantarah means in Arabic “the bridge”), has the birth Nebrodi Mountains and is fed by a spring at the foot Mount Etna, just above Randazzo, and the rivers of Castiglione and Francavilla. alacantara
The Alcantara river marks the border between the provinces of Messina and Catania, over time, the river has crept into this casting, digging a deep incision and bizarre that led to the creation of two high walls of basalt: Alcantara gorges.
The river bed is crossed only with the use of rubber boots, which can be rented on the spot, for a distance of 150 meters.
The Alcantara Gorge is one of the most fascinating areas of the River Park, founded in 2001. The protected area includes the river basin and some adjacent areas, which stretch for 50 km from the source of water near Randazzo, to the Giardini Naxos, in a process with interesting geological settings and lush vegetation.



One of the biggest if not the biggest natural attraction of Sicily is also its highest mountain, about 3350 meters, is the highest active volcano in Europe.
Once at the volcano that you take direction north or south, you will find (thanks to the cable car and chair lift) on the top of the mountain where you can make beautiful walks on lava now cold, go hiking in Jeep among the different volcanic cones and finally to the more fearful and maybe wait to camp with tents and quilts and wait a few lava flow not far from their legs, a unique experience.