Capo d’Orlando,is a beautiful seaside town in the province of Messina.
Famous tourist Center and commercial district of the Nebrodi’s park.
Home of artistic activities such as the Municipal Art Gallery, the Villa Piccolo Museum, the Bastione Castle and archaeological sites (such as the Bagnoli Baths)
The Capo d’Orlando beach is a beautiful triangle of about 7km of golden sand that juts out into a crystal clear and transparent sea.

Excursions in Sicily:
Capo d’Orlando, is a good starting point for many excursions and activities:

  • Excursions to the Aeolian Islands
  • Catafurco fall, ninuous waterfall set among the rocks with small pond
  • Villages and picturesque villages such as:
    Santo Stefano di Camastra; Castel di Tusa Fiumara to see the art, the path of large monumental works located along the bed of a river; Cefalù; Castelbuono; Mistretta Nicosia, Sperlinga, Gangi, Tortorici, Naso, Ucria, Raccuia, Sinagra, Mirto, San Marco d’Annunzio, Castell’Umberto, Tindari with the greek theater, the sanctuary and the lakes of Marinello, Randazzo, Taormina, Cefalu, ACI trezza.
  • Hiking for everyone in lovely landscaped sites: Niagara Catafurco, Gazzana, forest Mangalaviti, strongholds of Crasto, caves of Lauro, lake and Maulazzo Biviere Cesaro, woods of Miraglia and maple grove. Nebrodi Adventure Park, to play in games between the trees safely, Mount Etna, Alcantara Gorges.

Where to stay

Capo d'Orlando
Villa Laura

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